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Mobility digital platforms make life on the move safer and more convenient.

Innovation for the future, Expansion for a better society

Daedong is looking to expand its telematics, autonomous driving, and big data technology, which it developed with decades of experience in agricultural machinery, into other mobility industries to provide a digital platform that enables more convenient use of mobility products.

  • Telematics-based vehicle control

    Telematics-based vehicle control

    Using telematics technology, operators can turn their mobility products on or off, and control vehicles without a key.

  • BSS

    Expanding and improving access to BSS-based charging infrastructure

    Daedong wants to ensure an uninterrupted, continuous driving experience using exchangeable batteries, and the company continues to expand its charging infrastructure for more convenient vehicle management.
    It also provides a service that allows users to check and receive information on battery stations through the app at their convenience.

  • Diagnosing and maintaining vehicles, viewing reports

    Diagnosing and maintaining vehicles, viewing reports

    Daedong helps users manage their vehicles in optimal condition by checking information such as the status and consumables of each mobility device, and by notifying users about batteries or consumables that require replacing.
    Also, by providing driving reports and dashboard camera videos for subsequent viewing, Daedong makes sure everyone can enjoy a safe and hassle-free experience with future modes of mobility.

  • Marketplace services

    Marketplace services

    In the long term, Daedong wants to deliver more convenient mobility experiences through a marketplace service that allows users to easily order consumables for mobility devices and supplies for vehicles like golf carts.

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