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The story of Daedong, moving from agricultural machines to future agriculture as a centennial company

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From agricultural machines to future agriculture, writing history as the first and the best, Daedong has contributed to the development of Korean agriculture

Daedong was founded under the banner of ‘contributing to the country and society’ amid the ravages of liberation and war and has led the development of Korean agriculture for over 70 years. We have recorded countless ‘firsts’ in history to become the No. 1 agricultural machine company in Korea, but now we challenge ourselves to future agriculture for the new history of Daedong and the future of Korean agriculture. Continuous challenge and innovation, and our will to contribute to society through agricultural development - this is the DNA of Daedong.

Daedong’s history as the ‘first’ has opened up the path of agricultural development in Korea, and its ‘best’ technology and competitive edge have become the competitive edge of the Korean agriculture and industry.

  1. 1947

    Daedong was founded under the banner of ‘contribution to country and society through the mechanization of agriculture’

  2. 1949

    Produced Korea’s first engine

  3. 1962

    Produced Korea’s first plower

  4. 1966

    Mass produced single-cylinder diesel engines for the first time in the Korean agricultural machine industry

  5. 1968

    Produced Korea’s first tractor

  6. 1971

    Produced Korea’s first combine harvester

  7. 1973

    Produced Korea’s first walking rice transplanter

  8. 1982

    Entered the US market

  9. 1983

    Developed and produced multi-cylinder engines with in-house technology

  10. 1992

    First in the domestic industry to found a US corporation

  11. 1996

    Acquired ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications for the first time in the agricultural machine industry

  12. 2007

    Foundation of the China corporation

  1. 2009

    Produced Korea’s first powered cart

  2. 2010

    Foundation of the Europe corporation

  3. 2012

    Developed Korea’s first Tier 4 eco-friendly engine

  4. 2013

    Selected as a World Class 300 company

  5. 2015

    Launched Korea’s first electric cart

  6. 2019

    Commercialization of Korea’s first straight-line autonomous driving rice transplanter

  7. 2019

    First in the domestic industry to found the Canada corporation

  8. 2021

    First in the domestic industry to implement 10-year warranty for tractors

  9. 2021

    Developed and mass-produced Korea’s first 3.8L diesel engine

  10. 2021

    Launched Korea’s first remote-controlled and autonomous driving tractor HX series

  11. 2021

    Entered the e-mobility business

  12. 2023

    First in the domestic industry to enter the agricultural and non-agricultural robot markets

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Sales (2023, by IFRS connection standards)
KRW1trillion 4,334billion
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