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Smart evolution of multipurpose transportation

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Creating more convenient and eco-friendly smart mobility.

Innovation for the future, Expansion for a better society

Daedong is creating the smart evolution of mobility, logistics and work vehicles for autonomous work as well as transportation by adding the electric vehicle and autonomous driving technology to the technology already recognized in the transportation and garden care areas through the multipurpose truck and zero-turn mower.

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Daedong is strengthening its smart mobility lineup by
combining the technology capabilities of its affiliates such as
Daedong Mobility.

  • Personal mobility

    Personal mobility

    Using battery-replaceable electric motorcycles and smart chair robots, Daedong aims to add genuine value to everyone’s lives with more freedom of movement. Specializing in last-mile solutions, the company develops and mass-produces products that make small-scale transportation, such as food and package delivery, faster and more convenient.

  • Recreational mobility

    Recreational mobility

    Daedong produces recreational/transportation vehicles based on an electric vehicle platform for various transportation purposes, ranging from 5-seater golf carts, 8-seater touring carts, long/short deck carriers, and agricultural carriers.
 Electric mobility, which is used not only for recreational purposes but also in a wide range of applications such as airports, distribution, and construction, continues to evolve and advance autonomous driving as well as “AI coaching.”

  • Personal mobility

    Gardening mobility

    Daedong produces gardening vehicles, including 20-horsepower sub-compact tractors and passenger zero-turn mowers, to export overseas. The company wants to upgrade these products into cutting-edge, smart solutions with electric vehicles and ICT-based automation technology.