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Smart evolution of multipurpose transportation

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Creating more convenient and eco-friendly smart mobility.

Innovation for the future, Expansion for a better society

Daedong is creating the smart evolution of mobility, logistics and work vehicles for autonomous work as well as transportation by adding the electric vehicle and autonomous driving technology to the technology already recognized in the transportation and garden care areas through the multipurpose truck and zero-turn mower.

스마트 모빌리티

Daedong is strengthening its smart mobility lineup by
combining the technology capabilities of its affiliates such as
Daedong Mobility.

  • 농업용 스마트 모빌리티

    Smart Mobility for Agriculture

    We are currently building an agricultural smart mobility product lineup for garden care and agricultural work by adding autonomous driving technology to the existing technology capability that developed and released various off-road transportation and work areas, such as the multipurpose truck and zero-turn mower.
    We provide products optimized for garden care and agricultural work, including the Robotics Lawn Mower, where lawn mowing from beginning to end, as well as automatic charging, is performed automatically, and the smart UTV that delivers agricultural equipment and crops to the destination based on GPS and telematics.

  • 비농업용 스마트 모빌리티

    Smart Mobility for Non-Agriculture

    Daedong’s smart transportation technology extends to transportation and logistics.
    We are expanding the business scope to a platform that provides comprehensive solutions beyond the convenience of transportation, including Personal Mobility that assists the individual’s mobility and also provides healthcare functions in the process, eclectic scooter for quick delivery of simple items, and the smart golf cart that provides extended solutions like golf coaching, purchasing of products, efficient operation of the golf course, as well as mobility inside the course.