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Daedong's advanced technology, driving the future of ground maintenance and repair equipment

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Daedong ventures boldly into the future of ground maintenance and repair equipment with its advanced technology in agriculture and farming

Innovation for the future, Expansion for a better society

The company is expanding its platform to the GME business, leveraging more than 70 years of experience and know-how in agricultural machinery technology.

Expanding hardware platforms:
Continued evolution of ground maintenance and repair equipment

  • Daedong developed SSL (Skid Steer Loader) and CTL (Compact Track Loader) products in 2019 based on the technology, global network, brand, and business know-how it accrued while spending decades working with agricultural machinery. The company is also expanding its business into ground maintenance and repair equipment products, including small construction equipment such as MTL (Mini Track Loader) and MEX (Mini Excavator) products. With outstanding engines, wheeled and crawler moving equipment, and loaders, all of which have been proven with extensive applications in tractors and combines over the years, are the source of Daedong's core technology and the driving force behind building and expanding into new hardware platforms.

Applications in various industries and work environments

Crop farming Livestock farming Landscaping Equipment installation Construction
Land reclamation Feed transport Land reclamation Road paving Debris disposal
Crop/material transportation Manure disposal Landscaping installation Snow removal Site cleaning
Facility maintenance Cattle shed management Ground management Facility installation/repair Foundation work
- - Plumbing work Road excavation Construction work