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Daedong provides services that cover the entire agricultural cycle using a precision agriculture digital platform.

Innovation for the future, Expansion for a better society

Daedong launched “Daedong Connect,” a future digital service, in 2021 using its advanced technology and experience from the Korean agricultural machinery sector. Daedong Connect is maturing into a comprehensive platform service that covers all processes throughout the entire agricultural cycle, from vehicle control, remote control, and vehicle management to customized agricultural content, the revitalization of farming communities, and a marketplace for agricultural materials as well as agricultural products.

  • Telematics-based vehicle control

    Telematics-based vehicle control

    Using telematics technology, Daedong Connect helps check and control the status of agricultural machinery such as tractors, rice transplanters, and combines.
    It provides services such as vehicle control, vehicle management, work logging, remote control, safe zones, and emergency calls.

  • Customized agricultural content

    Customized agricultural content

    Daedong Connect helps farmers lead more convenient lives on their farms by providing customized agricultural content tailored to local farming conditions, the type of farming, and type of crops grown at each farm.
    Selecting a farm or crops can identify eligible subsidies, price trends for agricultural products, farming information related to crops of interest, weather information, and more.

  • Remote diagnostics and consumables purchase

    Remote diagnostics and consumables purchase

    Daedong Connect helps farmers manage their agricultural machinery and keep them in optimal condition for longer with remote and preventive diagnostics of agricultural machinery and regular inspection services.
    Remote maintenance allows farmers to quickly access agricultural machinery, and if replacement consumables or parts are needed, they can be purchased through the dedicated shopping mall available on the platform.

  • Revitalizing the farming community

    Revitalizing the farming community

    Daedong Connect has a community where farmers can collectively solve their own difficulties, and also advance and standardize crop cultivating technology.
    The app shares farming information through this community and creates the opportunity to exchange and communicate questions about pests and diseases, the application and maintenance of agricultural machinery, information and management methods for cultivated crops, and sales and purchase of various agricultural products or agricultural materials.

    Daedong Connect service pending
  • Marketplace services

    Marketplace services

    In order to help farmers improve the profitability of their crops, Daedong is developing a marketplace service where users can purchase agricultural materials needed on farms at low prices, and enable the agricultural products produced to be traded directly with consumers, which could lead to higher profits.
    Specifically, Daedong will provide brokerage services for agricultural materials and agricultural products, from recommending some of the more profitable crops.

    Daedong Connect service pending
  • Agricultural agency services

    Agricultural agency services

    Daedong provides agricultural agency services that apply optimal cultivation solutions developed using precision agriculture information from big data sources and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to prepare for the aging population problem in farming communities and ensure optimal agricultural productivity. In the long term, the company plans to provide services that allow people to farm conveniently even if they do not own agricultural machinery outright with fully autonomous agricultural machinery that works without direct human input.

    Daedong Connect service pending