Innovation for the Future Smart Farm

Setting the standard of future agriculture technology

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Daedong is setting the standard for future agriculture
technology through the Smart Farm project.

Innovation for the future, Expansion for a better society

Daedong is pursuing the smart farm business through the smart greenhouse of Daedong Seoul Office and the Jeju Daedong Eco Farm City. We strive to create the new standard of future agriculture, based on agricultural technology that we have accumulated for more than 70 years.

The standard of future agriculture technology, Smart Farm

A smart farm refers to a farm that can maintain the optimal growth environment for crops and livestock remotely and automatically by combining advanced ICT technology with the greenhouse and barns. It creates the optimal growth environment based on the crop’s growth data and environment data (temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, amount of light, etc.). A smart farm, such as a smart greenhouse, a smart orchard, or a smart livestock farm, enables higher quality and productivity with less agricultural resources, like labor, energy, and nutrients.

스마트 온실
Smart greenhouse

Maintains the optimal growth environment for crops by monitoring the temperature, humidity, CO2, etc. of the greenhouse and remotely/automatically controlling tasks, such as the opening and closing of windows, and supplying nutrients.

스마트 과수원
Smart orchard

Monitors the temperature, humidity, weather conditions, etc., and performs tasks such as irrigation and pest management remotely/automatically.

스마트 축사
Smart livestock farm

Monitors the farm environment and remotely/automatically controls the time and the amount of feed and water supply.

The configuration and the importance of the smart greenhouse

The smart greenhouse measures and analyzes the soil, nutrients, temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, etc. through environment measurement sensors to automatically perform tasks, such as ventilation, heating, solar radiation adjustment (opening and closing of light-proof curtains, LED operation), irrigation and nutrient solution adjustments, through the integrated controller equipment, if something is higher or lower than the crop’s optimal growth environment. The greenhouse can also be monitored through video equipment like CCTV and web cameras. Because you can control most of the environment in a greenhouse, compared to farming on land, the smart greenhouse can accumulate and utilize all the conditions required to grow crops in the optimal environment. This is why the smart greenhouse is the basic system and the standard for future agriculture.

스마트 온실 구성

Daedong Seoul Office Smart Greenhouse

A Smart Farm has been built as a test bed for Daedong Smart Farm that is required in the future agriculture world, to experience the future agriculture technology of Daedong.

The Smart Greenhouse of Seoul Office is a space to experience future agriculture with a smart glass greenhouse, complex environmental controls, and urban agriculture. Research on the optimal crop growth environment and predicting yield is conducted through data farming, and the automation of agriculture is realized by the implementation of the growth video imaging robot.

대동 서울사무소 스마트 온실
대동 서울사무소 스마트 온실
대동 서울사무소 스마트 온실
대동 서울사무소 스마트 온실
대동 서울사무소 스마트 온실
  • 엽채류 재배실
  • DATA Farming Automation of agriculture

    Leaf vegetable cultivation room

    Rotational LED
    Light source distribution

  • 육묘대
  • Future agriculture

    Seedling area

    Leaf vegetables

  • 카페테리아
  • Experience space


    Farm to Table

  • 복합환경제어
  • Experience space

    Complex environmental controls

    Control panel
    Growth environment configuration

  • 육묘대
  • Future agriculture

    Seedling area

    Fruit and vegetables, special crops

  • 로봇
  • DATA Farming Automation of agriculture


    Acquisition of growth information

  • 과채류 재배실
  • Future agriculture

    Fruit and vegetable cultivation room

    Cultivation of tomato, paprika and
    culture medium

  • 엽채류 재배실
  • Future agriculture

    Leaf vegetable cultivation room

    Vertical farm
    Farm to Table

  • 체험존
  • Future agriculture

    Experience space

    Leaf vegetable,specialty crop

  • 대형 모니터
  • Experience space

    Large monitor

    Environmental status information

대동 서울사무소 스마트 온실

Precision Agriculture Solution

Daedong is creating a precision agriculture solution to complete future smart agriculture, even beyond making work efficient and unmanned with smart agricultural machines. Even if the agricultural machine works on its own, when and what to perform depends on the condition of the weather, soil, and the crop’s growth. Daedong’s precision agriculture solution collects data during the crop’s growth cycle, including the condition of growth, soil, harvest yield, etc., and maps the data. It will lead to optimal productivity by recommending the timing of work and products to use from plowing, sowing, fertilizing, and pest control, to harvesting.

  • 최적 생육환경 제공

    This year

    Providing an optimal environment for growth

    Multi-spectral image sensing
    Data visualization

  • 적시적소 시비·방제

    This year

    Timely fertilizing and pest control where required

    Calculating the optimal fertilizer and pest control amounts by location

    Machine synchronization including drones and unmanned helicopters

  • 수확량 품질 모니터링

    This year

    Monitoring harvest quality

    Measurement of harvest quality by location

    Data visualization

  • 최적 토양성분 제공

    Next year

    Providing the optimal soil composition

    Analysis of the effect of soil composition on harvest yield and quality Providing the optimal composition for each crop

    최적 토양성분 제공

Soil solution

Detailed analysis of the soil’s EC data and nutritional data such as N, P, K, and integration with geographical data, mapping

Recommendation of optimal fertilizer and amount, based on fertilizer map


Harvest solution

Measurement and detailed analysis of harvested yield and quality, and integration with geographical data, harvest yield mapping
Calculation of optimal harvest time and increase of crop quality based on cultivation environment data (weather, soil, etc)


Growth solution

Continuous collection of growth data during the crop’s growth cycle, and integration with geographical data as well as fertilizer and pest control data, mapping
Recommendation of the optimal fertilization and pest control time depending on growth condition

Providing the optimal solution for each stage from plowing to harvest, based on inter-relational data of soil-growth-harvest