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Practical application of robots, from agricultural to expandable robots

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Commercializing agricultural robots to build the future of agriculture and other daily tasks

Innovation for the future, Expansion for a better society

Starting with agricultural robots for transportation and pest or weed control, to robots for daily tasks such as package delivery, quarantine, and cleaning, Daedong is reshaping the future of agriculture and daily work environments with its forward-thinking platform modularization strategy.

  • Transport robots

    Transport robots

    Agricultural transport robots from Daedong trail workers as they move around to deliver agricultural materials or collect and transport crops harvested by workers.

    The loading bed lifts up and down to make sure workers can load and unload harvested crops without overexerting themselves. When the loading bed is full, the robot returns to the pre-designated unloading point using autonomous driving technology to unload the harvest. There, it empties the loading bed, then returns to where the farmer is, and continues helping with the harvest, which maximizes efficiency in the field.

  • Pest control robots

    Pest control robots

    Daedong's pest control robots are capable of spraying pest control solutions radially or vertically. Workers select either mode depending on the environment they are working in.
    All functions are controlled wirelessly by the operator, and autonomous driving technology enables unmanned, autonomous pest control that performs required tasks automatically. Daedong's technology continues to develop, further accelerating the transition to unmanned operation of agricultural work.

  • Gardening robots

    Gardening robots

    Daedong is developing robots for gardening applications using autonomous driving technology such as pathfinding and path-following functions.

    Just as a robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charger once it finishes cleaning the house, a Robotics Lawn Mower utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to automatically mow the lawn in the front garden, and when the job is finished or the battery is running low, it returns to the charger, offering smart and convenient gardening care.

  • Delivery and special purpose robots

    Delivery and special purpose robots

    Robots equipped with Daedong's autonomous driving technology have been developed with future applications in mind. These futuristic robots can navigate indoor spaces such as large logistics centers but also on regular roads, performing various tasks such as transportation, quarantine, and cleaning. In addition, robots from Daedong equipped with cutting-edge technology make our lives better by taking on difficult tasks in places that are otherwise inaccessible to people.