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Daedong Mobility ready for B2C sales of electric scooters

2024-01-18 | views 732

Daedong Mobility ready for B2C sales of electric scooters

-. Last year, Daedong Mobility launched its new electric scooter GS100, mostly for delivery riders... Transitioning from B2B to B2C sales this year
-. Daedong Mobility website open for GS100 pre-orders until the end of February... Test drive events throughout the year
-. Pre-ordering customers will get a call to confirm their order in February once government subsidies are confirmed... Test drives will be available in Seoul

Daedong Mobility (CEO Won Yu-Hyun), a smart mobility subsidiary of Daedong Group, announced on January 18 that it is taking pre-orders for B2C sales of its battery-swappable (BSS) electric scooter GS100. It also said potential customers will get a chance to test drive the GS100 throughout the year.

As the leader in Daedong Group's mobility business, Daedong Mobility is focused on three product groups: ▲Last-mile mobility (electric scooters, 0.5t electric trucks); ▲Recreational and personal mobility (golf carts, robot chairs); and ▲Gardening mobility (riding mowers, sub-compact tractors). The company’s new electric scooter, the GS100, was developed independently and 92% locally by Daedong with mostly last-mile delivery riders in mind. It originally went on sale on a B2B basis in the second quarter of last year.

Daedong Mobility plans to promote B2C sales through online distribution channels and service agencies specializing in two-wheeled vehicles starting this year in order to grow the electric scooter market and improve its presence in the market. To that end, the company opened a website (emob.daedongmobility.co.kr) early this year to exclusively showcase its smart mobility products. Daedong Mobility has opened this website to share information on government subsidies available for electric scooters, forecast demand for the GS100, and promote its products. The company is open for pre-orders (for the GS100) and prospective customers can apply for test drives at Daedong Mobility’s official website.

First, customers can place their early orders by filling out the pre-order form on the Daedong Mobility website before the end of February when the government is expected to finalize its subsidies. Once the subsidy is confirmed, the final consumer purchase price will be set, and the company will call each customer to write up the contract, arrange payment, and deliver the vehicle. Meanwhile, customers can apply for test drives throughout the year. All you need to do is fill out an application form on the Daedong Mobility website. If you visit Daedong Mobility's Seoul office (Seocho-gu, Seoul) on the day of your test drive, customers can ride the product, and also receive a discount coupon for the GS100 or an accessories coupon along with a small souvenir.

Park Cheon-il, head of Daedong Mobility's GS Business Division, said, “The GS100, which we launched last year, got a positive response in the last-mile delivery rider market for its excellent performance and easy riding experience. Thus, we quickly worked with our service agencies, sales network, and parts suppliers to make the GS100 available for B2C sales as well.” He added, “With the electric scooter market in Korea gradually expanding, competition is growing more intense. We want to secure a clear market advantage through aggressive sales and marketing strategies going forward.”

Daedong Mobility GS100

Meanwhile, Daedong Mobility's GS100 uses a battery swapping system (BSS) to find and replace charged batteries at the station, meaning riders do not have to wait for their batteries to recharge. Riders can choose from a variety of unlimited battery plans for unlimited battery use at dedicated charging stations. Without using a battery station, customers can charge up their battery using a standard home cradle charger. The GS100 can travel up to 70km (when driving at a constant speed of 60km) on a single charge and has a maximum speed of 90km/h. Another advantage of the GS100 is that it maximizes convenience and safety for riders with excellent specifications and functions, including ▲a dedicated app to manage consumables; ▲driver reports; ▲cellphone holder; ▲height-adjustable windshield; ▲full-size helmet storage compartment; ▲front and rear dashboard cameras as standard; and a ▲smart key system.  In addition to core parts such as the motor, powertrain, and battery, general parts for the GS100 are also produced in Korea, which is why it ensures better quality than other competing products.