The Ultimate Transport

23 - 27 HP

KIOTI utility vehicles are workhorse that can pull, tow, haul with ease. Not to mention fun to operate. The NEW MECHRON® 2240 is as tough, reliable and fun as the MECHRON® 2200, but with twice the room. There’s a reason the MECHRON® series is called the Ultimate Transport Vehicle.™ *Payload capacity includes passengers.

Standard Features

  • Powerful Acceleration with A Daedong Diesel Engine

    The Daedong (1,007cc, 22hp) diesel engine has been field proven for durability and dependability while offering improved fuel economy.

  • 1 & 2 Row Models

    The MECHRON 2200(PS) offers one row of seating, the MECHRON 2240 offers two rows of seating creating a comfortable environment for 4 people.

  • 54″ Wide Cargo Bed

    The MECHRON provides excellent payload capabilities and has the widest cargo bed in its class. Add the optional hydraulic dump kit and you can easily place any load where you want it.

  • 12″ Ground Clearance

    Don't get stuck on the trail. With 12 inches of ground clearance, you can easily climb over obstacles

  • Field Option Cab Available

    The KIOTI Field Option Cab provides an opening windshield, sliding rear and door glass, dome lamp, wipers with washer fluid switch and an optional heater. (Option on 2200/2200PS)

Product Images

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대동 커넥트 서비스 제품
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