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History and challenge reaching for the centennial corporation, embodying change and the leap toward a future agriculture leading company

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The symbol of ‘contribution to country and society’, Daedong

Our company name ‘Daedong’ means 'big forces uniting together’ and also philosophically reflects the ideal world where the whole world prospers, bringing harmony and peace. This company name embodies the spirit of our founder, the late Chairman Kim Sam-man, and his brother, who, in 1947, even before the Korean government was established, sought to start and operate a business with pure Korean capital, without any foreign aid or special considerations, to devote and contribute to society.

The spirit of Daedong, ‘contribution to country and society’, 'to benefit the people and the country through the prosperity of the business’ has been captured and continued in our CI 70 years later.
Opening the era of the steel bull, CI during the foundation and initial years of Daedong (1947~1962)

The late Chairman Kim Sam-man establishes Daedong Industrial in Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do, raising the banner of ‘contribution to country and society’ through the mechanization of agriculture

  • 대동 설립 대동 설립
  •  초기 CI 초기 CI
  • 농기계 농기계

From its foundation in 1947, the CI that was used in the initial years of Daedong was based on the shape of a cogwheel, a symbol of mechanization and technology, and the name of the company (in Chinese characters) was placed in a circle, which represented prosperity, harmony, and peace. The spirit of ‘contribution to country and society’ that sought to contribute to the development of agricultural areas and Korea through technology development and business was directly reflected in this CI.

A leap into a comprehensive agricultural machine company, CI as the symbol of a technology-centered company (1962~2004)

The image of a rocket flying into space and the Chinese characters ‘Daedong’ demonstrate the will to pioneer and grow the mechanization of Korean agriculture

  • 농기계 농기계
  • 농기계
  • 기술 중심주의 상징 CI 기술 중심주의 상징 CI
  • 농기계 농기계
  • 농기계 농기계

The need to change the CI emerged as Daedong started to grow and pioneer the development of agricultural communities, and a new CI was selected on 19 February 1962, which symbolizes contribution to the country and society through a focus on technology. The new CI expressed the Chinese characters ‘Daedong’ (⼤同) but also symbolized the image of a rocket flying into space, representing the will of Daedong to open the era of the steel bull and the willpower to grow. The change of CI was conducted through a public contest of all employees, and the fact that the winner of this contest became the new CI of Daedong symbolized Daedong’s horizontal organizational culture.

Growing into a global agricultural machine company, a new CI as the symbol of a global company (2004~2020)

The steel bull symbolizing 'Taurus' and ‘Cornucopia’ from the Greek mythology embodies the future orientation of Daedong to become a global agricultural machine company

  • 농기계 농기계
  • 새로운 CI 새로운 CI
  • 농기계 농기계

A new CI was produced in 2004 to mark the 58th anniversary of foundation. Exports started in the 1980s and there was a need to capture the change into a global agricultural machine company, so the CI symbol also captured international significance. The inside of the symbol mark represents Taurus and Cornucopia (the horn of abundance from the Greek myths), and the exterior oval is the first letter O of ‘Outdoor Technology No.1’, symbolizing the world and space. The new CI encompasses the history of the agricultural machine specialist company that opened the era of the steel bull, and also the future-oriented willpower for development heading for the world.

Change and innovation into a future agriculture leading company, CI embodies the future (2020~)

Proclaiming the transition to a ‘future agriculture leading company’ that pioneers digital agriculture, and representing strong passion and spirit of challenge in the sharp, angled steel bull symbol

  • 농기계 농기계
  • CI 2020~ CI 2020~
  • 농기계 농기계

In 2020, the company name and the CI was changed to embody the challenge to become, not just the No. 1 agricultural machine company in Korea, but a ‘future agriculture leading company’ that pioneers future smart agriculture using cutting-edge ICT technology. The company name was changed from ‘Daedong Industrial Corporation’ to ‘Daedong Corporation’, and the CI was changed to a sharper, angled steel bull symbol. The new CI carries our strong spirit of challenge and willpower for innovation to become a centennial company, a digital agriculture solution company of smart agricultural machines, smart mobility, and precision agriculture, beyond a mere agricultural machine manufacturer.