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Daedong launches ‘Daedong Connect’ for tractor remote control and management

2021-03-18 | views 82



Daedong, Korea’s No. 1 agricultural machine company that leads future agriculture, announced on March 18 the introduction of the ICT-based ‘Daedong Connect’ service for remote control and management of tractors using a smartphone.



Daedong Connect will start with the remote management of agricultural machines using mobile devices, but it is a service that ultimately aims to collect and analyze the agricultural status and crop growth data of customers to provide customized agricultural solutions and operate agricultural machines. To use the service, customers can download and install the ‘Daedong Connect’ app from Google Playstore on their cellphone, and then apply to the dealer to obtain their ID and password to access the app and use the service. Connect service is available through the app and consists of 6 main functions including vehicle control (home function), remote control, vehicle management, work log, and emergency call.