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Daedong-Daedong Agtech-Rural Development Administration signs MOU for the promotion of smart agriculture

2022-06-08 | views 832


The leading company of future agriculture, Daedong (Joint CEO Jun-Sik Kim and Yu-Hyun Won), and its subsidiary, Daedong Agtech (CEO Ki-Jae Kwon), announced on the 8th that an "MOU for promote smart agriculture." was signed with the Digital Agriculture Promotions team of the Rural Development Administration (Director Jae-ho Jo). The MOU was signed in the attendance of Daedong Agtech CEO Ki-Jae Kwon, leader of the Digital Agriculture Promotions Team of the Rural Development Administration, Je-hoon Seong, and other officials from each party.


The MOU was signed for the purpose of sharing and utilizing the agricultural data of private and public sectors to develop and distribute smart agricultural solutions that would suit the domestic agricultural industry with the goal of enhancing agricultural production in rural areas and improving the living condition for farmers.

The parties will ▲promote smart/data-based agriculture, ▲cooperate in R&D and building supply of smart farms for small and medium-sized farms, and ▲establish a regional cooperation system for the distribution of new technology and expansion of use at sites. Daedong and Daedong Agtech will utilize the public agricultural data to develop growth recipes for each crop that would maximize harvest and minimize resources. They will construct an optimized smart farm facility operation system where small and medium-sized farms can cultivate crops using the recipes.


To this end, Daedong established Daedong Agtech, a platform company for future agriculture based on ICT, AI, and agricultural big data, early this year. Daedong is actively promoting one of its three major future agricultural businesses, smart farm, by constructing the test bed for the smart farm on the 5th floor of its office in Seoul. Daedong is currently cultivating general crops and high-functional crops in the smart farm while building a big data system in agriculture, which will be utilized in developing growth recipes (solutions) for the ▲customized healthcare business and ▲subscription-type future agriculture platform business.