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Daedong Signed a Contract with KT to Transfer 'Giga Smart Farm'

2022-08-30 | views 298

‘Daedong’s Development of Smart Farming Platform on Fast Track’

Daedong Signed a Contract with KT to Transfer 'Giga Smart Farm'


  • Gather smart farming and growth data from 370 farms to enhance the smart farming platform
  • The goal is to create a platform that offers solutions to maximize harvests with minimal resources during the full agricultural cycle 


Daedong (CEO Joon-Sik Kim, Yu-Hyun Won), a leading future agriculture company, announced on the 30th that it has signed a transfer agreement with KT (CEO Hyeonmo Ku) regarding the transfer of ‘KT Giga Smart Farm Project’ so that Daedong can develop its exclusive Smart Farming platform, one of the three big projects of Daedong. 

[Photo Description] Daedong, a leading future agricultural company, announced on the 30th that it will acquire "KT Giga Smart Farm" to develop a Smart Farming platform. The photo shows a researcher collecting growth data at a smart farm in the Seoul office in Daedong (Southern Circulation Road, Seocho-gu) by using a phenotyping device that photographs the crops' growth.

‘Giga Smart Farm’ is a domestic agricultural platform developed by KT for Smart Farming that provides the following services: ▲design and construction of smart greenhouse; ▲real-time monitoring of the growth environment of the smart greenhouse; and ▲advice on managing irrigation on outdoor farms. Since its debut in the domestic agricultural market in 2016, the service has been used by about 370 farms that grow fruit and vegetables, leaf vegetables, root vegetables, fruit trees, and mushrooms.


The transfer agreement outlines that Daedong will receive KT’s Smart Farm technology and platforms, data on Smart Farm consulting and greenhouse design of about 370 farms, and data on the growth environment of crops grown on these farms. It will accelerate the development of Smart Farming platforms that help maximize harvests with minimal resources. 


Daedong hopes the Smart Farming platform will provide information and solutions all year round, such as ▲consultation and construction of the cultivation environment for greenhouses and open field ▲growth recipes and weather information for every crop ▲remote control and operation of agricultural machinery ▲recommendation and supply of agricultural machinery ▲harvest and distribution.


Kijae Kwon, head of DT Operation said, expects that “acquiring KT Giga Smart Farm will speed up the development of Smart Farming platform by promptly creating growth recipes with collected data.” He said, “Daedong will open a new chapter in future agriculture with its investment to solve, build and upgrade the platforms based on agriculture data, AI and ICT.