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Daedong’s unveils brand video and webtoon featuring its vision for the “Future of Agriculture”

2023-11-30 | views 325

Daedong’s unveils brand video and webtoon featuring its vision for the “Future of Agriculture”

-.Daedong produces videos and webtoons on the future of agriculture and rural areas, focused on its four core future projects
-.Video depicts the daily lives of future farmers farming with autonomous agricultural machinery, agricultural robots, and precision agriculture solutions
-.Webtoon is to target a wider group of users at different ages... Manager Woo and Intern Myo to introduce the audience to the future of agriculture and rural regions envisioned by Daedong

Daedong Group's future ag-tech platform subsidiary Daedong (Co-CEOs Kim Jun-sik and Won Yu-hyun) announced on November 30 that it has released some new content, including a corporate brand video and webtoon, to showcase the vision it has for its four core businesses, and share what it wants the “future of agriculture” to look like via the company’s official YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Daedong, which declared its vision of becoming a “future leader in agriculture” back in 2020, is pursuing the following as its four core future businesses: ▲”Smart agricultural machinery” that works autonomously and remotely on behalf of human operators; ▲”Smart farms” that provide precision farming solutions for general crops and functional crops; ▲”Smart mobility,” a new means of movement and transportation; and ▲ “Specialized service robots” for both agricultural and non-agricultural applications. In addition, the company is developing its own agricultural solution platform, the “Daedong Connect” app, to make sure everyone can access its future business products and services without a hassle.


The video depicts the life of a farmer working his farm using autonomous tractors/combines, autonomous transport robots, precision farming services, functional seed development, and agricultural product distribution platforms driven by “agricultural whole-cycle” solutions and platforms unveiled by Daedong this year. With this new content, the company is conveying the message that in the future world of agriculture, farmers will be able to easily and conveniently produce healthier food, and consumers will be able to enjoy it more.

Meanwhile, the webtoon features friendly animal characters on Instagram to better target various age groups, including generation MZ consumers. This will pique the interest in and help consumers understand the world of future agriculture as environed by Daedong. The friendly Manager Woo, based on Daedong's C.I. Cheolwoo (鐵牛), and the passionate intern Myo (卯) travel to rural areas and showcase the image of agriculture and farms that will see some dramatic changes in the future thanks to new agricultural products and services developed by Daedong. Season 1, the inaugural release, focuses on the technology and advantages of autonomous agricultural machinery, whereas Season 2 and beyond will focus on various cutting-edge agricultural technologies, such as agricultural robots and precision farming.