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Daedong’s concept tractor first from Asia to win the iF Design Award

2024-03-07 | views 1,202

Daedong’s concept tractor first from Asia to win the iF Design Award

- Concept tractor D-ACT becomes first entry from Asia to win the Product and Professional Concept categories
- Mobility can detach from the tractor and function as a mode of transport, while the main unit can be used as an autonomous agricultural robot powered by AI
- Daedong showcases its new paradigm for a “multi-functional AI precision agricultural robot” with future businesses in smart agricultural machinery and mobility

Future ag-tech platform company Daedong Group (Co-CEO: Kim Jun-Sik and Won Yu-Hyun) announced on March 7 that its concept tractor, D-ACT, capable of functioning simultaneously as an ultra-compact mobility and agricultural robot became the first of its kind from Asia to win at the iF Design Awards, where Daedong participated for the first time.


The iF Design Award, hosted by the German International Forum Design, is one of the world's three most prestigious global design competitions, along with the German Red Dot Design Award and the IDEA Design Award in the USA. At this year's iF Awards, over 11,000 entries were made from 72 countries. Naturally, the competition for any award was fierce. Daedong won in both the Professional Concept category and Product Concept category, becoming the first tractor company from Korea to do so. Previously, it submitted D-ACT to the North American Spark Design Award 2023 last year and earned a bronze award. This latest achievement means Daedong has now secured two wins at design awards from around the world.

“D-ACT” stands for DAEDONG Autonomous Concept Tractor, and presents new value as well as a new paradigm for multi-functional AI precision work robots that can be used as an ultra-compact mobility device and precision agricultural tractor at the same time. D-ACT features an ultra-compact autonomous driving mobility device, which uses the driver's seat module, and an autonomous precision agriculture tractor, which is the main unit module. When the driver's seat and main unit are assembled together, the worker can operate the vehicle manually to engage in agricultural work, but when the driver's seat is detached, it can be used as an ultra-small autonomous driving mobility, allowing the driver to move around in comfort.


Meanwhile, the main unit simultaneously recognizes the agricultural environment and activates its high-precision autonomous agriculture tractor mode to make decisions and work without any human input, and work as an AI-powered precision agriculture robot. In this AI mode, workers can command the vehicle to use loaders, rotaries, and excavators, and monitor the situation in real-time.