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Daedong Metals opens an in-house academy to train casting engineers

2024-02-27 | views 168

Daedong Metals opens an in-house academy to train casting engineers

- Training program on casting for executives and staff could make Daedong Metals more competitive and train specialists for the company
- First round of training focused on foundational knowledge and theory on casting will get underway twice a month from February to July 2024
- Starting in August, the second round of on-site training will be offered to strengthen technical and production capabilities and to train casting engineers

Daedong Metals (independent representatives: Kim Jun-Sik and Lee Pung-woo), a specialized manufacturer of cast parts and a subsidiary of Daedong Group, announced on February 27 that it will be opening an in-house casting academy to improve the company’s competitiveness and help grow the industry by improving the understanding and capacity of its executives and staff in casting.  

The Casting Academy is designed to contribute to the development of the nation by training professional engineers in the casting industry, which is one of Korea's foundational industries. Furthermore, its purpose is to make Daedong Metals more competitive in the casting industry by transferring the know-how and experience of veteran engineers to more inexperienced engineers, thereby improving their processing capacity, ensuring consistent quality control, and reducing defect rates in the casting process.


Daedong Metals’ casting engineers are watching the molten iron ejected from a casting 

The Casting Academy will proceed in two rounds. The first round of training will feature classes twice a month from February to July for a total of 35 casting engineers and managers. This first round will focus on imparting the theory and knowledge required in casting processes to raise awareness and the overall level of knowledge and skills used for casting. The program will include theoretical education such as an understanding of cast iron casting, metal structures, casting process optimization, and casting simulation, as well as technical classes such as mold and molding sand management. 

Meanwhile, the second round of training will lean more toward the technical and production capabilities of engineers by providing advanced, practical training on-site over a four-month period from August to November. Here, the second round will be made available for engineers only, and will be structured so that students can learn everything from theories metal to in-depth training in the field that is otherwise unavailable at third-party training institutions.


Daedong Metals’ casting engineers are sitting in a class on mold design used in mold production.