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Daedong launches premium mid-sized tractor GX series worldwide

2024-04-01 | views 815

Daedong launches premium mid-sized tractor GX series worldwide

- Company invests KRW 20 billion over four years... Daedong's first tractor launched simultaneously at home and abroad, with target set at KRW 750 billion in sales over the next five years
- High-tech and ergonomic design improves performance and user convenience... GX series is first in its class in Korea with autonomous technology
- Better ride and visibility through with upgraded usability, including power shift and comfort clutch, and highly ergonomic interior design
- Remote ignition and air conditioning controlled via smartphone access... Also, remote primary diagnostics of malfunctions in agricultural machinery enables quicker repairs

Daedong has launched its first-ever autonomous mid-sized tractor series - the first of its kind in the agricultural machinery industry - engineered for the premium market both at home and abroad.

Daedong Group's future agtech platform company, Daedong (Co-CEO: Kim Jun-sik and Won Yu-hyun) launched its new GX series of premium mid-sized tractors in the 60-70 horsepower range on April 1 to bolster its dominance in the domestic and overseas mid-sized tractor market.

The company invested close to KRW 20 billion over four years to develop a new range of tractors that could drive sales in the industrial agricultural machinery market in Korea as well as the overseas utility tractor (60-80 horsepower range) market, which continues to enjoy robust demand for agricultural and gardening applications. Very much in line with the latest trends worldwide demanding higher efficiency and user convenience, the GX series sets a new standard for premium tractors thanks to various user-friendly functions using hi-tech and ergonomically designed solutions to maximize usability.


The GX is Daedong's first mid-sized tractor to be simultaneously launched worldwide. The company wants to develop the GX into a steady seller, selling more than 1,000 units per year in Korea, it will make a strong push in the North American and European utility tractor markets to hit the KRW 750 billion mark in cumulative sales by 2028. Starting this month, Daedong plans on rolling out the GX5910 (58.3hp), GX6710 (66.4hp), and GX7510 (73.1hp), and overseas as RX6640 (66.4hp) and RX7340 (73.1hp), which come with slightly different engine specs and options, in Korea.

Notable features include ① user-friendly high-tech operational functions, ② ergonomic design, and ③ upgraded remote control functions. In terms of user-friendly operational functions, the GX is the first in its class (in Korea) to provide a three-level autonomous work function (optional) that allows the tractor to drive forward, turn, and execute tasks[1] autonomously, which helps improve work efficiency markedly. With the GX series now available, Daedong has a broader lineup of autonomous tractors from its large-sized HX tractors to medium-sized GX tractors.

Easier driving and a variety of controls are also an advantage the GX series has to offer. It has the “Power Shift (P-Shift)” function, which allows you to shift gears much quicker and easier using either the P-Shift buttons or the accelerator without having to manipulate gears manually. The GX also comes with a “Comfort Clutch,” which prevents sudden and jerky starts. The tractor gets off the line at a constant speed regardless of clutch engagement. Meanwhile, the “EASY STOP” function stops the GX using its brakes and without having to operate the clutch, which is unlike other conventional tractors. In terms of top speed, the GX can reach up to 38.5 km/h, the fastest among tractors in its class in Korea. The GX series’ lifting force, which determines the raising/lowering of various attachments installed to the tractor's rear-end, is 25% higher than the previous medium-sized tractor, the RX series, making it easier to control heavy attachments.

As for ergonomic design, Daedong focused on maximizing the ride comfort and visibility. First, noise and vibration were reduced by 11% and 50%, respectively, thanks to air suspension seats, an improved structure that is vibration-proof, and the use of stronger sound-absorbing materials. Moreover, Daedong installed an electronic automatic air conditioning system - typically found in passenger vehicles - in the GX, and moved the air vents to the dashboard below the steering wheel to help drivers stay cool with the breeze coming from directly ahead.


The exterior design reflects Daedong’s design language “Ultimate Refined,” which champions good proportions, highly understated aesthetics, and great practicality, to give the GX a three-dimensional and dynamic feel to it. The LED headlamps and tail lamps add a premium look to the tractor while also improving night-time visibility for workers.

The interior was designed with a 5-post cabin (five glass windows) for easy ventilation and door opening, and an arched front window as well as a large transparent sunroof to ensure maximum visibility while taking into account the need to inspect the front loader frequently. In addition, various levers and switches are concentrated on the right-hand side to keep them organized and easier to use, and the GX is the only tractor in its class to have a folding auxiliary chair.

And finally, the GX comes with upgraded remote control functions. Daedong uses its agricultural solution platform “Daedong Connect” app to provide ▲vehicle control (home function), ▲remote control, ▲vehicle management, ▲work log, ▲safe zone, ▲emergency call, ▲parts commerce, ▲ and smart (remote) diagnostics functions to control, maintain, and inspect the tractor from a distance.

Here, the Smart Remote Diagnostics Service, which Daedong plans on launching in April, will allow Daedong service technicians to perform primary diagnostics remotely before visiting the customer when their agricultural machinery or equipment malfunctions. Having Daedong’s own technicians inspect equipment with the Smart Remote Diagnostics Service before it breaks down can help customers minimize repair time and cost/losses. The GX series also raises the bar for premium tractors with a smart key (included as standard) and telematics features such as remote ignition and air conditioning control (first in class in Korea). 

[1] Autonomous operations of agricultural machinery in Korea ▲Level-O. Remote control; ▲Level-1. Automatic steering; ▲Level-2. Autonomous driving; ▲Level-3. Autonomous operations; ▲Level-4. Unmanned operations. Level-3 involves executing various tasks autonomously in a manner that fits the environment and conditions on the farm without needing a human operator to drive or control its work. Daedong enables autonomous operations using a redundant Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) system, which enables ultra-precision autonomous driving and 24-hour uninterrupted autonomous driving without any instability in receiving locational information. Moreover, the system provides ultra-precise locational information to the combine, allowing it to work with greater precision day and night – the positioning error is less than 2cm when stopped and a maximum of 7cm when following the work route. Level-3 autonomous agricultural equipment is expected to improve work efficiency while minimizing farmer fatigue going forward. In addition, it will give even novice farmers a chance to get good results that are comparable to those of veteran farmers skilled in operating agricultural machinery.