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Daedong unveils “AI Daedongi,” industry’s first agricultural ChatGPT service

2024-04-16 | views 131

Daedong unveils “AI Daedongi,” industry’s first agricultural ChatGPT service

- Daedong looking to turn its Connect App into an agricultural solution platform... Launches a new agricultural ChatGPT service as part of the App’s second renewal
- AI Daedong is available for free in the Connect app, and offers quick access to customized agricultural information you need using generative AI technology... New service is expected to improve efficiency in agriculture
- Daedong uses the second renewal of the Connect App to roll out its “Smart Remote Diagnostics Service” and “Community Service” to diagnose malfunctioning agricultural machinery

Daedong (Co-CEO: Kim Jun-Sik and Won Yu-Hyun), Daedong Group's parent company and a leading future agtech company, launched its new interactive agricultural ChatGPT service powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In an announcement on April 16, the company shared that its new “AI Daedongi” service, the first of its kind in the agtech industry, will be available via the “Daedong Connect” app.

Daedong Connect, a remote service for agricultural machinery, was launched in 2021 to help the company grow its agricultural solution platform business into a powerful growth engine going forward. In the second half of 2023, the Connect app went through its first renewal, which was aimed at turning Daedong’s agricultural solutions into platforms, introducing a farming information service tailored to farmers, and a mapping service focused on rice yield. The second renewal, however, is all about adding the new ChatGPT service to the app.


AI Daedongi is an interactive information service where a chatbot answers questions on agriculture. The service is available for free so long as the user is registered on the Daedong Connect app. Using the latest OpenAI engine, GPT-4 Turbo, AI Daedongi provides a quick and accurate summary of agricultural information needed by users, including crop characteristics, cultivation, harvesting, management, and sales techniques.

Daedong believes its AI service can help improve agricultural efficiency as everyone from regular farmers to urban farmers can enjoy much easier access to customized agricultural information they need without going through a lengthy search using multiple information channels and sources. Going forward, the company plans to further upgrade its agricultural ChatGPT service so that it can provide information in various fields related to agriculture, such as repairing and inspecting agricultural machinery, agricultural technology, and agricultural industry information, in addition to the general agricultural information it can provide today.

Meanwhile, Daedong rolled out its “Smart Remote Diagnostics Service” earlier this month also as part of its second renewal of the Connect app. When any piece of agricultural machinery manufactured and sold by Daedong breaks down, a service technician can run primary diagnostics remotely before visiting the site, which cuts down on repair time and cost. In May, Daedong will open its “Agricultural Community Service” where any app user can select a category of interest, upload agricultural information, and communicate to share various agricultural content within the Connect app.