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Daedong Mobility completes private rooftop solar power plant at its S-Factory

2024-04-26 | views 116

Daedong Mobility completes private rooftop solar power plant at its S-Factory

- Daedong Mobility builds Korea’s largest rooftop solar power plant at its Daegu S-Factory as part of Daedong Group's ESG management strategy
- The 31,000m2 power plant can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,508 tons per year, enabling a proactive response to RE100 issues
- Electricity produced by solar power plant could generate approximately KRW 500 million in profit per year and KRW 10 billion over the next two decades

Daedong Group's smart mobility subsidiary Daedong Mobility (CEO: Won Yu-Hyun) announced on April 26 that it has completed its new 3MW rooftop solar power plant, the largest in Korea in terms of private solar power facilities, at its S-Factory (Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu-si).

The S-Factory is a next-generation smart factory (completed in November 2022) at the heart of Daedong Group’s ambitions to establish itself as a powerhouse in the mobility market. Daedong Group also wants to generate momentum for its future leveraging its outstanding product design, robust manufacturing capabilities, and the capacity to assemble small batches of a wide variety of products. The S-Factory currently produces up to 145,000 mobility solutions, including e-scooters, golf carts, sub-compact tractors, lawnmowers, etc., per year and sells them both domestically and internationally.

The rooftop solar power plant, which was promoted as part of the Daedong Group's ESG management strategy, stretches across approximately 31,000㎡ (equivalent to the size of five football pitches), and it is expected to help Daedong Mobility reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,508 tons per year. With its new rooftop solar power plant, the company is hoping to bolster the reputation of Daedong Group as a corporation by increasing the overall use of renewable energy across the entire Group and proactively responding to RE100 issues, which asks companies to replace non-renewable energy with renewable energy. Moreover, Daedong Mobility can save approximately KRW 230 million per year using the electricity produced through its solar power plant. Also, by selling the remaining surplus power to Korea Electric Power Corporation, the company can generate additional profits of approximately KRW 260 million every year.


Building the rooftop solar power plant was supervised by Enlighten, an energy and climate technology company, and Daedong Mobility used the RE100 solar power subscription service Enlighten provides. As part of the subscription service, Enlighten pays the initial outlay required to install solar power facilities, but then Daedong Mobility pays a subscription fee for the amount of solar power generated every month. The contract for the RE100 solar subscription service runs for 20 years, and Daedong Mobility is expected to earn approximately KRW 10 billion in economic benefits.

Meanwhile, Daedong Mobility renamed itself from Hankuk Chain Industrial to Daedong Mobility in 2021 in order to put a greater emphasis on its mobility business. It is currently in charge of Daedong Group’s smart mobility business, one of the Group's core future businesses. Daedong Mobility sells (1) personal (electric scooter GS100, smart chair robot), (2) leisure (golf cart, LSV), (3) gardening (zero turn mower, sub-compact tractor) mobility solutions.