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Daedong is an ethical company everyone wants to work with and a company that inspires the local community

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“ We want to build a bright future for
Daedong with transparent and ethical
corporate management practices. ”

In today’s society, unethical practices and misconduct, which were often labeled “corporate customs,” are being thoroughly eradicated, and in particular, compliance with ethical management now has a long enough track record that it can determine the success and sustainability of a company.
As such, Daedong has established a new ethical management system and organizational culture to become a better and more respected company in line with the changes in the business environment i.e. the spread of ethical management.

Daedong’s pledge

Daedong recognizes that ethical management is an indispensable factor in earning a competitive edge for its survival on the global
market, and intends to begin with the following three commitments to comply with the requirements for ethical management.

01 01 First, Daedong will start with the fundamentals.
Respecting each individual's personality and value, handling assigned duties fairly and transparently, and not engaging in unreasonable discrimination on the grounds of gender, disability, religion, etc. constitute the fundamental duties and responsibilities that should be observed by Daedong as a good member of society.
The company will adhere to these fundamentals with all stakeholders, including customers and shareholders, to become a company that is trusted by not only customers and shareholders, but also investors.
02 Second, Daedong will never forget that ethical management is key to a company's competitive edge.
Ethical management not only eliminates risks, but also plays the role of a genuine “profit-driver,” such as when consumers are satisfied with stronger ethical management by a company. This increases brand value, customer loyalty, and sales revenue.
Daedong is committed to building an organizational system that facilitates ethical management activities and strengthening its management system to support ethical management activities, which, most likely, will improve the company's competitiveness and corporate value.
03 Third, Daedong will add social value through ethical management practices.
Companies can no longer grow exclusively through activities that pursue profits.
Consumers are looking at corporate activities with a focus on “how right” they conduct business rather than “how good a product” they can make.
In order to ensure sustainable growth, companies must actively meet the social expectations levied upon them by society and consumers.
To that end, Daedong wants to create products that have a positive impact on society and carry out activities for the betterment of society.

The company believes that ethical management is crucial in order to work toward higher values
and not undo the good it has achieved over the past several decades.
Going forward, by creating the right corporate culture and using ethical management activities, everyone at Daedong,
including our executives and staff, will continue to grow beyond just a better company into a company that is truly respected and loved, and a company
that adds value to our society.

Co-CEOs, Daedong Co., Ltd.

Kim Jun-Sik, Won Yu-Hyun