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Daedong Group accelerates the mobility business in cooperation

2021-11-01 | views 1,350

"MOU for a ‘mutual growth job creation project’ signed with Daegu City".

Daedong Group accelerates the mobility business in cooperation with 11 different labor-management, civil, and government institutions.


Daedong Group will accelerate its mobility business through labor-management, civil and government cooperation.

On November 1, Daedong Group (CEO Kim Jun-sik) announced that it has signed an ‘MOU for the mutual growth local job creation project in Daegu city’ with 11 labor-management, civil and government institutions, including its parent company Daedong (CEO Jun-Sik Kim and Yu-hyun Won) and its affiliate Daedong Mobility (CEO Lee Seung-won), which is a mobility company.


As Daedong Group has committed to its smart mobility business as one of the 3 future projects since last year, its parent company Daedong has accelerated the development of new mobility products such as smart robot chairs and E-bikes. Daedong Mobility, an affiliate of Daedong, plans to finish the construction of a new 102,265m (30,935-pyeong) E-mobility plant on an anchor site in the Daegu National Industrial Complex (Dalseong-gun, Daegu city), and to invest KRW 223.4 billion over the next five years to create a total of 800 new jobs. It is also expected to produce 180,000 mobility products at its new plant by 2026.


It is within this context that Daedong Group has partnered for the future car and robot business with Daegu city, which is implementing a "mutual growth job creation project" to foster the 5+1 (future cars, robots, water, medical care, energy, and smart cities) new future industries. Daegu City's "mutual growth job creation project" is a project in which labor-management, civil and government institutions cooperate for local investment and the employment of local talent to create a competitive business model and to create new investments and jobs. Daegu city was the first to implement this “mutual growth job creation project” with the auto parts maker EraeAMS, creating a successful case of KRW 82.1 billion in new investment and 368 new employees.



Under this MOU, a ‘mutual growth committee’ will be formed with a total of 11 representatives from labor-management, civil and government institutions, including Daedong, Daedong Mobility Daegu Techno Park, Daegu Office of Education, Daegu City, and Daegu City Council. ▲Technological innovation and cooperative growth, ▲ regional talent development, and ▲ establishment of advanced labor-management relations have been set as the three key mutual growth factors, and broad cooperation will be promoted for future businesses such as mobility and robots.