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Daedong Launches the New HX Series, a Flagship Large Tractor

2023-04-04 | views 974

“Maximizing Driving Convenience to Minimize Work Fatigue”

Daedong Launches the New HX Series, a Flagship Large Tractor



- The facelift model of the HX Series is equipped with various new driving convenience features for large farms with long working hours.


- Adopting Easy Stop for simple braking, Comfort Clutch to prevent sudden starts, and SS Turn to minimize handle steering during turning.


- Enhanced ride comfort with cabin suspension and added driver seat comfort with premium power seats with ventilation.


- High-output tasks made easy with features such as straight-driving autonomy, load-sensing hydraulic system, and auto powershift.



Daedong, a leading company in future agriculture and the parent company of Daedong Group (co-CEOs Jun-Sik Kim and Yu-Hyun Won), announced on the 4th that the company will launch the New HX Series, a facelift model (with partial change) of their flagship large tractor HX Series, including the HX1300 (132 metric horsepower (PS)) and HX1400 (142 metric horsepower (PS)).


 "Driving is Easy, Work is Fast!" New HX Series Launched


The New HX Series adopts various new driving convenience features aimed at reducing work fatigue for large-scale rice and livestock farms with extensive field areas and long working hours. The series also incorporates the work performance and machine management features of the HX model released in 2021, offering outstanding work performance. Specifically, the New HX features the Comfort Clutch, which allows the tractor to start at a constant speed regardless of the force applied to the clutch pedal, preventing sudden starts. Unlike conventional tractors that require clutch pedal operation for braking, the Easy Stop function enables complete stops with just the brake, enhancing driving convenience. Additionally, the Speed Steering (SS Turn) feature (applied to some selected models) allows the driver to choose the number of steering wheel rotations according to the work situation, enabling left/right turns of up to 45 degrees with minimal steering, further reducing driver fatigue.


Ride comfort and convenience have also been improved. The adopted Cabin Suspension reduces vibrations and noise transmitted to the cabin (driver's compartment) during driving and operation, providing a more comfortable ride. The driver's seat can be finely adjusted to fit the driver's body shape using electronic buttons to control the seat height, rotation direction, backrest angle, and lumbar support. The power seat also offers ventilation and heating functions, further enhancing the comfort of the driver's seat. A refrigerator with a wireless phone charging feature and a smart key with a remote start button add to the convenience of the tractor.


The tractor also boasts exceptional work performance with the adoption of a straight-driving autonomous feature (optional) as autonomous driving level 1. This feature allows the tractor to automatically drive straight in designated areas, enabling quick and easy tasks without steering in straight-line work such as furrow and ridge formation, hay raking, and bale work. When leaving the designated area, a safety feature automatically switches the gear to neutral with an alarm, ensuring peace of mind while working.


With a powerful 142 metric horsepower (PS) diesel engine developed in-house, the tractor features a load-sensing hydraulic system that minimizes power loss and saves fuel by supplying optimal hydraulic pressure and flow during high-load tasks. Additionally, the "Auto Power Shift" function allows for effortless shifting through 8 gears without pressing the clutch pedal by using a button or an accelerator during work and driving, making even high-output tasks easy to complete.


The tractor also reduces the burden of machine management for customers by offering the "Connect" service, which allows remote monitoring and maintenance checks via mobile devices. The tractor comes with the longest warranty in the country, offering a 10-year warranty for the engine and powertrain, as well as a 2-year general warranty. The benefits don't end there - the "Engine Lifetime Care Service" provides 10 free replacements of engine oil, oil filters, and fuel filters, further reducing the cost burden for customers.