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Daedong-KAIST Research Center hosts “Mobility Tech Day”

2023-08-18 | views 431

“Internalizing new mobility electrification technology to accelerate the growth of our future business!”

Daedong-KAIST Research Center hosts “Mobility Tech Day”

- Daedong looking to secure core capabilities in the mobility and robotics sectors by 2025, and develop products equipped with advanced electrification and intelligence technologies

- Internalizing electric power train (e-Power train) control, autonomous driving, and integrated control technologies core to its future businesses

- Daedong shares its progress in developing core electrification technologies and components throughout its first year, and demonstrates an autonomous driving LSV

Daedong (Co-CEOs Kim Jun-Sik, Won Yu-Hyun ) hosted a “Mobility Tech Day” at the Daedong-KAIST Mobility Research Center on KAIST’s Munji Campus (Yuseong-gu, Daejeon). According to announcements on August 18, the company shared its progress so far in developing key electric mobility components and demonstrated a new autonomous driving mobility Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) as well.

In the first half of last year, Daedong opened the “Daedong-KAIST Mobility Research Center,” led by KAIST Professor Kim Kyung-Soo (Department of Mechanical Engineering) who is an expert on robotics and intelligent mechatronics. The Center is working to secure key smart mobility technologies such as electrification, automation, and intelligence by 2025, and to develop products such as autonomous driving LSVs and electric multi-purpose vehicles using these mobility technologies. 

Representatives from both Daedong (CEO Won Yu-Hyun) and KAIST (Professor Kim Kyung-Soo) attended the event to share what the Research Center achieved throughout its first year, including the ongoing development of core mobility electrification components such as Motor Controller Units (MCUs) and Vehicle Controller Units (VCUs), autonomous driving technology, and LSVs featuring these new components. Electrification technology is considered a foundation for automation and intelligence technologies, such as the remote control and autonomous driving of vehicles. It plays a crucial role in sustaining accurate torque, speed, and position control of electric power trains (e-Power trains), which were difficult to achieve in existing vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. 

An autonomous driving LSV is a type of electric mobility used for low-speed transportation and logistics delivery within specific facilities and urban centers. The Research Center used Daedong Mobility’s golf carts sold domestically and applied autonomous driving technologies, including a unique autonomous driving architecture, high-precision map construction, object detection SLAM, and driving control SW. Daedong plans to test this model within the year and add it to its product portfolio. 

Meanwhile, Daedong continues to work with mobility companies such as Kakao Mobility and Future EV. Using core internalized mobility technologies, the company is working with KIRO, a robotics research institute, to develop “following robots” for autonomous crop transport, agricultural robots that can be used throughout the entire crop cycle, including tillage, sowing, and harvesting, and also indoor delivery robots. Furthermore, Daedong Mobility's S-Factory, which was completed last year, produces electric scooters and golf carts, strengthening the company’s mobility production and quality capabilities. This could help Daedong evolve into a specialized mobility company going forward.


Hosted by the Daedong-KAIST Mobility Research Center, “Mobility Tech Day” got underway at KAIST's Munji Campus (Yuseong-gu, Daejeon) on August 17. It shared the Research Center’s progress on developing core electric mobility components, and gave a demonstration of an autonomous mobility LSV. Daedong CEO Won Yu-Hyun (4th from the left in the front row), Mobility Research Center Director Professor Kim Kyung-soo from KAIST (7th from the left in the front row), and other officials from both companies took a photo after the demonstration featuring an autonomous driving LSV based on one of Daedong’s golf carts.