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Daedong hosts “2024 Partnership Day”

2024-02-07 | views 389

Daedong hosts “2024 Partnership Day”

- Partnership Day gets underway at EXCO in Daegu on February 2... Executives and staff from Daedong and 150 partner companies attend the event to encourage win-win cooperation and shared growth
- Event featured a briefing on Daedong's performance in 2023, its mid- to long-term vision, procurement and production policies for 2024, and an awards ceremony to recognize some of its most outstanding partners
- This year, to boost its competitiveness in terms of cost and quality, Daedong Group plans to create an integrated procurement center to compile a raw materials database and encourage partners to procure materials together

Future agtech platform company Daedong (Co-CEO: Kim Jun-sik and Won Yu-hyun) shared news from its “2024 Partnership Day” event on February 7, which got underway to promote win-win cooperation and mutual growth with some of its most notable parts suppliers.


Future ag-tech platform company Daedong (Co-CEO: Kim Jun-sik and Won Yu-hyun) hosted its “2024 Partnership Day” event at EXCO (Buk-gu, Daegu-si) on February 2 to promote win-win cooperation and mutual growth with some of its most notable parts suppliers. The event was attended by key executives and employees from Daedong as well as representatives of 150 partner companies. In the photo, Lee Jong-soon, Head of the Product Development Division, is greeting guests at the event.

The event, which was held at EXCO in Buk-gu, Daegu on February 2, served as an opportunity to share Daedong's business vision and plans, its achievements from working with partners, recent performance, and also to reward partners for their relentless work throughout the past year. With more than 200 guests in attendance, including Daedong’s Head of Product Development Lee Jong-soon, Head of Customer Business Park Jun-sik, Director of Group Management Kwon Gi-jae, and representatives from roughly 150 Daedong Group partners (Daedong Gear, Daedong Mobility, and Daedong Metals, etc.), the Partnership Day celebrated the successful year Daedong Group enjoyed in 2023. Partnership Day featured the following sessions: a briefing on Daedong Group’s performance in 2023, an announcement of the company’s mid- to long-term vision, an awards ceremony for top partners, a presentation on Daedong's procurement and production policies for 2024, and a special lecture.

First, Daedong Group looked back on its performance in 2023 and offered an overview of its mid- to long-term vision. It talked about the company’s transformation as a tier-1 tractor brand in North America, the results it earned from targeting the European mid-to-large tractor market, and mid- to long-term plans for future businesses such as robots, mobility, and smart farms. At the awards ceremony, Daedong named five of its most outstanding partners from 2023: Daehwang Precision, Sehan Measuring Instrument, Youngjin Casting, Vision Digitech, and HANBIT. As for its procurement and production policies, Daedong announced some crucial policies aimed at making the company’s products more competitive globally, including upgrades to the Group's integrated procurement center.

Meanwhile, starting this year, Daedong - together with its subsidiaries - started building a raw materials database and an integrated procurement system for raw materials such as steel plates, resins, and logistics in order to respond to EU carbon regulations and realize economies of scale that could improve its competitiveness with cost and quality. Moreover, the company opened an online “Daedong Mall” accessible to all Daedong Group subsidiaries for the purpose of purchasing general consumables. Daedong plans to open this up to partners starting in the second half of the year. By doing so, the company aims to realize economies of scale and supply raw materials of excellent quality and price to our partners who produce key parts used in Daedong's agricultural machinery, mobility, and robots, which could, ultimately, increase the quality of the company's products.